Monday, July 29, 2013

The Heroic Sisterhood Website

Well guys, I can finally tell you why I've been away from this blog for so long:

Ninja Squid and I started a website.

We feature many elegant and delightful repasts for the discerning viewer, so head over there and say hi!  

(p.s. - I won't be blogging here anymore.  Please visit our site for new articles, photo galleries, art and other cool stuff.)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wang Lung Wei Points - Lovers Blades

It's been a long while since I did a Wang Lung Wei movie review.  I've felt so empty inside and I'm sure you have too.  Triumphant return, blah blah.  

Click to make it big, bros.
Many thanks to my friend Louis Perez for the gift of cinema.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Geungsi vs. War Chicken

The more people like The Heroic Sisterhood - The Ladies' Asian Action Cinema Appreciation Society, the more I feel like a stranger on my own page.  

I started the page a couple years ago as a place for women to express their perspectives on Asian Action Cinema.  The Sisterhood is a pretty wonderful team consisting of  Ninjasquid, Deb Martin and Meredith Lewis (with an occasional visit from Barbara Guillard and Marla Mize).  I thank these women, and the other ladies and gents who make it special, for their input, creativity and endurance.  Without them I am nothing.  

The page kinda snowballed a while back and now people from all over the world look at the page, comment and post photos.  I feel weird because I don't know them.  

I feel just like a geungsi running away from a horde of miniature war chickens.
I'm sure you know that feeling.

I never thought the page would reach past my own friends. Now almost everybody I "talk to" is a stranger. 

Some days I avoid the page. Some days I post weird pictures and write a lot of cuss words and crazy stuff. Maybe to test their reactions, maybe to rebel.  Maybe because I'm an asshole who deals with morbid, innate shyness by throwing obnoxious tantrums. Or maybe just because I like to cuss a lot.  

Part of me wants those strangers to go away.  But they don't.  They just keep coming like a relentless horde of miniature war chickens. 

I'd happily take a war chicken-immunity pill if there was one. But there isn't, so I don't know what to do.  Until a cure for war chickens is found, I'll be in my Happy Hong Kong Movie Hermit Cave watching movies with my dogs.

I thank my page sisters for holding down the fort when I get grumpy. And I thank all my friends for dropping by to share their photos, jokes and good conversation, and for putting up with my moody crap. You guys are all saints.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The tragic deaths of Yuen Lo Po

Sometimes Yuen Cheung Yan plays a Lo Po (Granny) in the Yuen Clan movies.

Yuen Lo Po has appeared in several fun films, so she's a fairly developed character. 

Here is her death scene in 鬼馬天師 Taoism Drunkard (1984).

See the look on Yuen Yat Cho's face?
That's how I feel when Lo Po dies onscreen.

I practically cry every time I see her get her head drilled in 奇門遁甲 Miracle Fighters (1982).

She's such a cool and sympathetic character.  A super kung fu master with tiny, vulnerable embroidered slippers, she is wise and secretly kind underneath a crusty exterior.  I guess only a monster would not feel distressed watching this lovely 80-year-old woman being beaten to death by a creepy villain.

Lo Po, you had me at "sei baat po".

This blogpost is dedicated to my dear FB pal Hana Yahaki, the biggest Yuen Cheung Yan fan of them all.  :)  

Well, back to the hermit cave to watch more movies....  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Armed Podcast Episode - Dragon Lives Again

I'm stoked to introduce as co-host my long time friend and co-conspirator Steve Hardy from Chopsticks On Fire.  We make some hooting and chirping noises on our new podcast episode about the amazing Bruceploitation film Dragon Lives Again.  Oh yeaaah.  What a great movie.  

I'm going to be brutally honest (surprise!) and say I think a lot of people do not understand this movie very much at all.  In the podcast we discuss stuff that will hopefully help you understand a bit more about just what the hell you are watching.  There's also some 60's music and nunchuk sound effects.  If that doesn't entice you then I give up.  

As usual, the podcast episode has a supplemental blogpost with movie posters and links.  At the time of writing this post, the HKCinemagic site is still down, so make sure to revisit the blogpost later for links to very good interviews with Leungs Siu Lung and Siu Hung 'n' stuff.  We also link some cool movie-related stuff that's been going on in the interwebs.

The next episode of One Armed Podcast, which will cover Leung Kar Yan's delightfully terrible film Profile In Anger, is so chock full of cool stuff that I have to make a list.  

- My partner in crime Amber, who appeared on the first podcast episode, will make a star appearance with another drink segment (and maybe something else but no promises).  

- We have a round table discussion with Paul Taggart from Chanbara Spurt; my own Heroic Sisterhood sister-in-arms and film expert Deb Martin; and Podcast On Fire Network mogul Ken Brorsson. Let the Bullshit Fly.

- A segment on Western film influences by Brian from Cool Ass Cinema

- Another segment of "Learn Movie Cantonese!" with translator and film expert Frank Djeng.   

- And maybe a couple other cool segments from other cool people.  

Subscribe to so you don't miss the next episode.  Yeah, that'd be good.  

It's simplier "Bogus Cops"

All my buds have watched Leung Kar Yan's hot mess Bogus Cops (1993) so of course I wanted to see it too.  I desperately need to belong and I also actually believed it was not possible for Leung to make a movie worse than Profile In Anger.  I misunderestimated him.  And right now I'm feeling confused about who I am as a person.  I mean, what the hell is wrong with me that I think it's awesome to spend my time watching such bad movies?  But I probably don't feel as bad about myself as this guy:   

"I'm Wang Lung Wei and I approve this message."  

So of course I had to drop absolutely everything I was doing the moment I saw this dialogue between Leung Kar Yan and his doctor Paul Chun Pui.  Because I'm a turbo-nerd and bad subtitles never stop being funny to me.  


Me neither.

Best. Word. Ever.
Bogus Cops redeemed.  
And my life choices too.

Thanks to Hong Kong Movie Database (hkmdb) for the Bogus Cops Wang Lung Wei screencap.